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Convicting a Murderer unveils the shocking truth behind one of the most controversial criminal cases in recent history. In Making a Murderer, Steven Avery was portrayed as an innocent victim of corrupt law enforcement, but there's more to the story than what we were shown. Join Candace in this 10-part docuseries as she sets the record straight by exposing hidden evidence in the murder of Teresa Halbach.

An Unraveling Narrative

Police reports from Avery’s younger years unveil a significantly more alarming criminal history than previously disclosed, and the intentions of the Making a Murderer filmmakers begin to come to light.

Sharing Wives

Multiple instances of animal cruelty, a history of domestic abuse, and the Sandra Morris case are just a few examples of Avery’s disturbing behavior that are uncovered.

Avery's Niece

Warning: This episode contains graphic details. Alarming allegations surface, revealing alleged illicit behavior between Avery and his underage niece, along with a pattern of violence directed at his fiancée. The web of manipulation spun to conceal these allegations from law enforcement begins to unravel.

Shifting Timelines

The missing 15 seconds from the dispatch call that was used as "proof" of police bias against Steven Avery is revealed. Steven Avery's behavior prior to Teresa Halbach's murder becomes increasingly concerning.

Manitowoc's Involvement

Colborn and Lenk’s participation in Avery’s $36 million lawsuit was apparently enough motivation for them to be accused of planting evidence. But their involvement — along with all of Manitowoc County’s support in the investigation — wasn’t the full story.

The Key & The License Plate Call

Startling details emerge about Colborn’s suspicious license plate call and the key that was allegedly planted in Avery’s bedroom. Additionally, the Making a Murderer filmmakers are called out for rearranging court testimony to better serve their narrative.

The Vial of Blood

The blood vial is not the only egregious example of misrepresentation. There is more to the story when it comes to the bullet with Teresa’s DNA. Furthermore, Brendan Dassey’s interrogators provide vital insights into the factors that led to his confession.


Steven Avery’s defense lawyers implied that Teresa’s remains were planted in Avery’s yard, but a cadaver dog found powerful evidence that might prove otherwise.

Manipulating Brendan

Chilling prison calls from Brendan Dassey shed light on his troubling relationship with Steven Avery, providing a deeper understanding of his involvement in the murder. Plus, Dassey is compelled by his own family to make critical decisions that prioritize Avery’s interests over his own.

The Real Villain

A lack of ethical guidelines and questionable editing practices create catastrophic repercussions in the personal lives of those depicted in Making a Murderer. Plus, those responsible for the collateral damage of the series evade responsibility by muddying the waters between journalism and storytelling.

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