Fauci Unmasked

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he is stepping down from his position as Biden medical advisor and NIAID director. Don’t let them lie to you about his legacy. Get the truth about his history of corruption and manipulation and find out how he became the most successful failure in government history.
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The Trial Run

We all know Fauci as the man, the expert, and “the science” overseeing the response to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, he was also the leading voice on the AIDS crisis in the 80s — and the results were just as disastrous. Michael Knowles exposes our leading doctor’s devastating response.

Concocting A Crisis

Anthrax. Bird Flu. H1N1. Zika. Gain-of-Function. What do they all have in common? The crippling incompetence of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Michael Knowles shines a light on the world’s leading infectious disease “expert” and reveals just how ineffectively he handled the crises of our times.

I Am Science

While the response to the COVID pandemic lacked many things, it wasn’t short on authoritarianism. Join Michael Knowles for the gripping conclusion as he unmasks a man who seems bestowed with unnatural immunity: the world’s beloved Anthony Fauci.

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