Dr Jordan B Peterson on Marriage
Holistic 3-part series prepares you to better understand, appreciate, and strengthen your relationship with your spouse, and achieve the ultimate goal: the perfect date that repeats endlessly.

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Renowned psychologist Dr Jordan B Peterson has created a five-part series to help you find clarity and direction. With Dr Peterson's guidance, you can take control of your life and unlock your true potential. Start living the life you've always wanted.

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Understanding Vision
Jordan explains the difference between a good and bad vision, and shows you how to navigate the infinite paths your future life could take. A clear vision can help create a future that can withstand any potential challenges.
The Identity Crisis
Jordan walks through the faulty approach to identity that many psychologists have as a result of conflating sex and gender. As a result, affirming the subjective over the rational is hurting peoples’ integration into society, which is how identity is naturally shaped. This is fueling identity crises, and preventing many from formulating a vision.
Construct an Identity
If you don’t know who you are, you can’t know where you’re going. Jordan explains how you should think about your identity. From the time you are three, the development of your identity is linked to others around you. You are “one note in a symphony."
A Deeper Purpose
Developing a vision begins by asking “What’s the purpose of my life?” The transformation you hope to achieve by having a vision for the future begins by rejecting hedonistic desires for greater long-term reward.
The Path Forward
Don't love yourself as you are, love the idea of who you can become. Jordan advises finding and nurturing your worth, shedding misery-inducing parts, and committing to a truthful, long-term plan for an adventurous life.

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