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Do you ever get the sense that you’re not living up to your potential? In Dr. Peterson’s new exclusive series with DailyWire+, we confront the monsters that stand between you and your full potential.

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The DNA of greatness is already inside you. But you’ve allowed it to be locked up and guarded by dragons. Find out how to cut through the lies you’ve told yourself and take control of your destiny.


So what’s your contribution? You won’t know until you resolve to discover it. Learn techniques such as unleashing voluntary fun and reciprocating peacemaking to make you lethal in the world of work.


Society glamorizes the ‘forever bachelor,’ but a hedonistic lifestyle will eat you alive. Learn to bury the self, and start becoming the man that a woman is looking for.


Raising a child is the greatest responsibility of your life. Practice these strategies for bold fathering to take up your mantle in the home with confidence and conviction.

Session 1: What Makes a Man?

Jordan Peterson dares to answer the most basic question, What is a Man? Discover the dragons in your story worth slaying in this adventure called life. There’s great treasure to be found, including in yourself.

Session 2: Arm Yourself

Follow the rules, but not stupid rules. Be literate and reciprocate peacemaking. In this episode, learn how to unleash the spirit of voluntary fun and develop your purpose.

Session 3: Be the Prince, You’ll Find
the Princess

Is society promoting the forever bachelor? Jordan deconstructs this popular opinion as he paints the contrast in today’s dating scene and cultural norms.

Session 4: Be Great

The truth behind family. In the final installment of Dragons, Monsters and Men, Jordan explores the strategies and bold roles of fatherhood. Harness your purpose in relation to women, children, and the household.

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If you’ve always wanted the opportunity to ask Jordan a question, here’s your chance. Now DailyWire+ Members will have the ability to interact and engage with Jordan live, exclusively on DailyWire+.


About Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Called one of the greatest intellectual thinkers of our time, Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is also a powerful force for good. His best-selling books and widely watched videos have motivated millions of depressed and discontented men and women through truth and logic to show them they aren’t victims of a tragedy, but protagonists who can control their destiny.

This lecture series lays bare the grammar of mythology, and describes the relevance of that grammar for interpretation of narrative and religion, comprehension of ideological identification, and understanding of the role that individual choice plays in the maintenance, transformation and destiny of social systems.

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Personality and Its Transformations

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